December 5, 2022

A software that allows you to visualize election

Election+ has developed a system to visualize the election and voting count. We have perfected data visualization of election results. The widget, CMS to control widget, central CMS and customized CMS will enable your concept of visualizing Election in your website a reality and with ease.


Why Election+?

Election+ is not only a software but a concept realized as a software. The concept of Election+ was conceived when the founders understood the need of election result visualization which can be assessed by all without shedding hole in the pocket. Election+ emphasizes on result automation, flexibility and high level visualization through charts and other means of data representation. Election+ has a desire to become a one point solution for all information and queries related to election. This is an MIS software which at the present form is an initiation point for catering larger scope that will be realized in future. We at Election+ have dreamt of creating a portal where elections from anywhere or of any scale in the world will be displayed and viewed with ease.  

Our Products

We have a robust, easy to use, easy to display and adoptable system for every enterprise and user. The data can be fed in one place and calculations and updates are done automatically.
The most exciting part of the product is that it has several charts to choose from to display for the website. The entire CMS is designed by the Election+ team with utmost care on GIS mapping which makes the system rather than image mapping to hyperlinks.

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