December 5, 2022

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Widget (Free)

Widget Managed by Mango Software Solutions

CMS for Widget Management

Widget Management

Complete CMS with website

CMS and Website Management

Customized CMS

Customizable CMS, Website and Widget

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Widget - Free

1. Widget Managed by Mango Software Solutions
  • Updated data
  • Mangosoft branding
  • CMS for Widget Management

    1. Widget Management
  • Create / Update / Delete widgets
  • Embed widgets in any page
  • Complete CMS with Website

    CMS Features:


    1. GIS Management

    • Country / Province / District / Local body / Constituency
    • Create / Update / Delete entries
    • Manage data such as population, eligible voters and so on
    • Profile with population, eligible voter count

    2. Election Management

    • Create / Update / Delete entries
    • Add multiple elections
    • Choose your required election to be displayed
    • Update election completion status
    • Previous election history

    3. Party Management

    • Create / Update / Delete entries
    • Update party color using palette

    4. News Management

    • Create / Update / Delete entries

    5. Candidacy Management

    • Create / Update / Delete entries
    • Update vote count
    • Update winner’s status
    • Profile management of each candidate

    6. Notification

    • Real time winner’s notification

    Website Features:


    1. Live election status for Country/ Province/ District /Local body/ Constituency

    2. Data Visualization

    • Map, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut chart
    • Progress Bar
    • Past History Comparison
    • Criteria
      • Party wise / Proportional in table, doughnut chart
      • Map – differentiate area by winning party color
      • Click on party list and show winning count in map
      • Party total votes and winning area list
      • Province / District / Local body / Constituency wise
        candidate win, vote count
      • Major area candidate win, vote count
      • Candidate win by gender, age, party
      • Vote count between top candidates
      • Previous win and current election status in any area
      • Winning and leading count for party
      • Total no of candidate by election
      • Total no of vote dropped by election
      • Valid vote and eligible voter
      • Total mayor ward chairman candidates party wise
      • Other gender participation
      • Male female participation
      • Young candidate participation
      • Independent participation
      • Vote received by independent
      • Total independent vs party candidate and win ratio
      • Independent section
        • Group by area
        • Male , Female and Others

    3. Dual Language (English and Nepali)

    4. Individual Party Analytics

      • Show list of all candidates
      • Win by age, gender
      • Most win by district, province

    Customized CMS

    • All features of Complete CMS with website
    • Any other additional features as demanded by client